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Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Pension fund

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Pension fund


Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Pension fund is a part of the national Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) whereby they are responsible for managing the payments, transfers and quotations of those enrolled onto the scheme.

The fund manages the pensions for over 13,000 members made up of those who are actively paying into the scheme, actively receiving their pensions and those who have left the scheme. The members are made up of employees and ex-employees of the council or council supporting organisations.

There is a dedicated team, that sits alongside the HR department that manages the pension process, with David Coates heading up the operation as the Head of Pensions and HR Management Information at the council. David is tasked with ensuring that everything runs correctly, per legislation requirements, continuously looking at how improvements can be made and ensuring the complete end to end operation offers members everything they need.

The challenge

As their previous outsourcing process came to a natural end, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Pension Fund (RBKC), were bringing the management of their administrative process back in house.

Post is a vital communication tool within the organisation, acting as a resource to communicate, engage and update members of the pension scheme. Because of this and its member base demographic, it has become a preferred method of choice for many of those enrolled on the scheme, acting as a visual, hard-copy representation of the pension fund. More over this method is relied upon to deliver legislative information, that is required to be sent in this format on an annual basis.

To help manage this process the pension department required an alternative solution of managing their communications, rather than opting for an in-house approach, so that the process remained streamlined and effective for the department.

With security, precision and time-sensitivity key elements in a partner, David Coates reached out to Chris Burridge, Business Development Manager, at CFH Docmail the previous supplier of their communications, through Surrey County Council. With a proven history, a recognised government framework supplier and with an existing understanding of their communication requirement, David wanted to continue their partnership and begin the management and sending of their communications directly with CFH Docmail.


Initially RBKC were looking at adopting a complete managed service solution, whereby their communication management becomes automated for large scale communication touch points. However, with a 4 week deadline to their end of year April mailings, discussions began for an interim solution that allowed for them to begin sending communications instantly.

Chris suggested to RBKC that our Docmail hybrid mail solution with Print Driver as the ideal solution and this was rolled out in just a week.

The implementation of Docmail was straight forward from the outset with CFH on hand to answer any questions and provide support when required. Training sessions were arranged to provide the 8 members of the pensions team a complete step by step overview of the process and removed any hesitancy of using the system. The team members were able to ask any questions and see the benefits of the system from the very beginning.

The Docmail Print Driver is compatible with the Altair pension system that RBKC use, allowing the team to create documents within Altair, that can then be printed directly to Docmail via the ‘file, print’ functionality. This allowed their processes to remain the same, so offered ease of use.

Within this process the team are able to see a print proof before proceeding with dispatch, so that any errors are noticed and a double check process is in place.

The system allows RBKC a means of managing and sending high quality, accurate member communications in a cost effective, efficient and reliable way that provides impressive time savings to the organisation. Everything is managed online, allowing the team to complete mailings wherever they are based.

Furthermore, the support and guidance from CFH on how to use the system to communicate seamlessly with their members has been critical in their onboarding and use of the system, allowing the relationship between the two organisations grow from strength to strength, which has all had to be virtual due to COVID-19.

Key learnings and results

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea are now sending thousands of documents a month through the Docmail Print Driver, providing the team with an easy to manage and instant way of communicating with their audience members. This amount if set to increase over the coming months, as RBKC transition more of their mailings over to the system beyond their monthly and annual statements..

The Docmail Print Driver not only acted as an interim solution but has now become a system the pensions team use on a day-to-day basis.

The partnership has allowed RBKC to communicate effectively with their members when required, providing a positive experience from the pension scheme and helping build upon their important relationships within their community. The work conducted by RBKC and CFH has allowed the pension scheme to send communications in a time sensitive manner, with postal touch points continuing to be a vital communication media for their organisation.

Managed communications for Pension funds

CFH Docmail provided excellent support to us in helping to ensure that all our pension documents, payslips and forms could be printed and mailed as part of our pension administration service transition. They have continued to deliver value for money and a high quality service.

David Coates
Head of Pensions and HR Management Information, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Pension fund hybrid communications

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