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Offering nationwide coverage and extended warranty on home appliance items, Repair and Assure are the trusted, proven supplier of fast and reliable services and repairs. Based in Brighton, the organisation is independently resolving over 300 claims each month for leading brands including Beko, Iceking and Hotpoint.

The challenge

Repair and Assure have a vast communication requirement within their organisation. The requirement consists of managing and sending payment management documentation, direct debt forms, terms and conditions, extended plan documents, expired plan clauses and administrative letters on behalf of their brand partners. The communications sent range from single to multiple page documents, all within the brand guidelines of the organisation.

Typically, the organisation manage and send over 800 documents a month.

Previously this process was managed by a third-party hybrid mail supplier, however as the organisation grew and the communication requirement expanded, the existing service was no longer fit for purpose.

This led to Olly Foster, Office Manager, seeking to partner with an alternative supplier that offered a modern, flexible and easy to use service to manage their business communications. The provider would need to work within the existing processes of the organisation and be easy to transition over to, once adopted.


Shelley Hawkins, Business Development Manager at CFH Docmail Limited (CFH) reached out to Olly Foster on LinkedIn to introduce CFH and their UK leading hybrid mail service, Docmail.

During initial discussions requirements were discussed and Shelley and Olly worked together to implement Docmail instantly, whilst arranging a transition programme for Payments Agent, Chloe to adopt when switching hybrid suppliers.

The Docmail system is a modern hybrid mail service, that allows the organisation to continue to utilise a digital first approach to sending postal communications direct to their end audiences. The system allows the organisation to create, manage and send a range of communication touch points online, straight to doors of their audiences, whilst providing an impressive reporting dashboard and budget management system for the organisation to utilise.

To help meet their criteria further, the Docmail Print Driver, an extension to the Docmail website was suggested so that the adhoc and bulk mailings could be sent within their existing systems through the file, print functionality.

During the initial set up of the Print Driver, a personalised training program was delivered by Serena Schofield, Client Relationship Manager at CFH. The training provided Chloe the ability to see the full system and its capabilities in a step by step process as well as have the chance to ask any questions on how the system works. In addition during the training, Serena made recommendations on how to streamline their process further and how the Print Driver could be used throughout the organisation.

A range of online resources including user guides and how to videos are on hand for use as well.

The system provides ability to manage and send personalised mail, as well as holding additional functionality that Repair and Assure utilise, for the extra personal touch. This includes adding a returns address to the envelope, a templated library, pre-set print profiles and the ability to send mailings instantly without delays.

Chloe now manages the communication process through the Docmail Print Driver using the the file print functionality, choosing the pre-set print profiles and templates and selecting the delivery requirements. The process streamlines the management of both bulk and individual letters and works within the processes of the organisation.

Key learning and results

By changing hybrid suppliers, Repair and Assure have experienced an impressive saving in both time and money, in comparison to their previous supplier. This means the managing of the communications has become a smoother, simpler process that can be picked up by others, with its easy to use functionality, when required.

Docmail allows the organisation to track the mailing process, providing an audit trail to when the documents have been passed to Royal Mail. This process allows for mailings to be cancelled or deferred if required and provides a timeline of the mailing production process.

In addition, whilst the company only send A4 letters, the solution offers the capability of sending alternative printed documents including postcards and A3 sheets, which Chloe would like to explore in the future for their clients.

The partnership between the two organisations will grow in future, with Shelley and Serena always on hand to provide expert advice and guidance, as well as answer any questions or resolve any queries they may have. The free training and additional support is recommended to any other organisation as it allows for the mailing process to be set up as per your individual requirements, allowing the Print Driver and Docmail set up to work for you every time.

Currently the system is used to manage and send over 800 letters a month, with this likely to grow as additional clients come on board. Chloe and Olly would both recommend partnering with CFH Docmail Limited, to deliver communications through a hybrid mail platform, providing organisations with time and money savings and organizational efficiencies.

Docmail Hybrid Mail

I have really enjoyed working alongside Docmail, the team have been super friendly and always available whenever I have needed any advice. The system is also easy to use and very user friendly and has excellent tracking of all documents sent by them

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