Hybrid mail means different things to different sectors and organisations.

Here at CFH, hybrid mail to us is our revolutionary product called Docmail which helps thousands of businesses send their posted customer communications at the click of a button. It’s a way of driving effective engagement and achieving more than just communication results. We think it’s that great, we added it to our company name!

What is hybrid mail?

Hybrid mail (you may even call it print and post or print and mail) is a secure, fast online method of producing, managing, and sending personalised documents direct to your end audience, without having to leave your desk.

It’s like having a print and mail factory at your fingertips where you are in control.

It allows organisations to process printed mail (whether this is statements, invitations, advertisements, invoices, or letters), by simply telling our software how they would like their documents printed and delivered. Not only transforming the way your business communications are sent but maximising your business outcomes, by engaging with your audience, in a trusted way.

We truly believe we have the most advanced solution on the market which offers you a self-service mailing system, all with the guidance and support of our team of experts.

Our solution is powerful, cost-effective, flexible and easy to use. Whether you’re improving your processes, aiming to communicate more regularly, or looking for measurable time and money savings, we are here to help.

Perhaps this isn’t the type of hybrid mail solution you were thinking of. Maybe you’re looking for more of a managed hybrid communications approach, where you would like CFH to take care of everything for you? If so, we can offer managed communications services.

Hybrid mail is growing, why not grow with it?

Hybrid mail software’s aren’t new, here at CFH we launched our hybrid mail solution in 2008 and haven’t looked back. To date, we have helped over 30,000 businesses streamline their communications and increase audience engagement, with personalised physical print and mail.

Whether you are a small, medium, or large business, our hybrid mail service offers scalability and flexibility in postal communications through innovation and data security. From continuous updates, additional features and flexibility for your mailings our service promise to you is to get the best out of your communications.

We are the industry-leading hybrid mailing service for businesses, looking to improve efficiencies, innovate their communications and get better results to grow their organisation.

In a world that is constantly changing, you’ll see our hybrid platform change with it, to continuously offer and accommodate your hybrid mailing requirements, so that you can communicate with confidence every time.

Hybrid mail your long-term mailing proposition

For over 15 years we have been proud to be able to support our clients and revolutionise the way in which they manage and send their printed communications. We have clients who signed up when we first launched and are still with us today, that’s the power hybrid mail offers. We become more than just communication providers, but partners you can rely on, trust and grow with.

Our hybrid mail adds value at every stage, helping meet our customer’s communication needs and deliver better results. It’s secure, and flexible and offers businesses an innovative way of sending print and post. Our solution has been marketing-leading since it first launched and we are proud to have continuously maintained that position.

"Having worked with Docmail for many years now, I cannot recommend their services highly enough." - University of Nottingham

Can I use hybrid mail?

If you send physical letters out in the post, then you can use hybrid mail.

Designed to support the print and post requirements of all organisation sizes, our solution is scalable, hassle-free and a market leading for changing the way all types of businesses communicate.

You can find Docmail users across:

  • The public sector: including local and central government, the NHS, and housing associations
  • The private sector: including all types of finance organisations, SME’s and sole traders
  • The tertiary sector: including charities and print management organisations

With a focus on keeping things simple and easy to use, our hybrid mail platform takes care of everything for you, no matter your requirements, your company structure, or your budget you can send effective hybrid mailings with us. We are experts in getting communications right and Docmail offers you just that.

The benefits of hybrid mail

Hybrid mail provides invaluable benefits to its users, no matter the sector you work in. From bulk mailings and single letters to sophisticated mail merges, you take control of your print and post and the benefits follow.

The benefits of Docmail include:

  • Money saved: cost-effective no matter the quantity
  • Time efficient: save valuable staff time with hybrid mailings - no more stuffing envelopes and running to the post office
  • No need to buy paper, envelopers or toner cartridges
  • Save money on franking machines and printer rental costs
  • Pay as you go: only pay for the letters you send
  • Streamlined communications: sending your communications in just a few simple steps
  • Helps drives engagement: the power of post is back, starting straight from the door matt
  • Instant implementation: free to set up and install
  • Pre-schedule mailings: pre-plan your hybrid mailings around those busier periods
  • Highly customisable: send personalised documents and envelopes
  • Communication continuity: 24/7 communication solution
  • Varied printed output: sending physical mail, how you want, when you want
  • Helps reach goals and objectives: to reach your goals, you require effective communication. Effective communication starts with hybrid mail
  • A dedicated support team: at Docmail we have a dedicated account team who can provide free training and support. They are always on hand to answer your questions and can help set up your mailings.

Our solution provides our users valuable benefits at every stage of the mailing process, from streamlining communications to savings on internal resources Docmail meets the needs of our customers every time.

Utilising hybrid mail in your business couldn’t be simpler, as you tell us what you want to send and we manage everything else for you.

To get started we require you to set up a free account, simply follow the step-by-step process.

You prepare: 

  • Create your document as standard. This could be an A4 letter, postcard, or A3 newsletter that you would like to send directly to your audience. If you want to personalise each mailing to each recipient you can even add in personalised tags e.g. <<firstname>>
  • Send the file via to us
  • Upload the audience data, containing the matching personalised tags


  • Check your addresses - we use the Royal Mail address validation database to save you time and money as validated addresses can be cheaper to send;
  • Choose the required print and delivery options - from colour or black and white, to second or first class (postage)
  • Review the real-time cost of your mailing

Then go:

  • Preview the mailing and submit the order

You create the orders, we print and we post. It really couldn’t be easier.

You can even try our hybrid mail solution, free of charge!


Hybrid mail success stories

managed communications

Before we used Docmail we would have to print, fold and put into envelopes nearly 2000 letters, then someone had to go to the Post Office with them all. Now, Docmail does it all for us. We’re saving an enormous amount of staff time, shoe leather and queuing at the Post Office.

Filey Surgery

Accredited managed communications
managed communications

The Docmail quote reduced the cost of the mailing and newsletter compared with our previous arrangement and saved us a lot of time and toner with local printing for statements. We chose to use a high quality silk paper for the full colour A3 folded newsletters and got excellent feedback from our members.

Lewisham Plus Credit Union

Accredited managed communications

The four ways to use hybrid mail

Flexibility is essential for your communications, so our software must work for you. That’s why you have four usage options with our hybrid mail offering:

  1. Use our web-based system to create your mailings and manage your account
  2. Install our free virtual print driver - just select “Docmail” when printing your letters
  3. Integrate your system with our hybrid API (this is great for developers)
  4. Talk to us about our unique secure print and post software solution that sits within the infrastructure of your business (on-premise), adding the highest level of security.

Talk to one of our onboarding experts about which solution is best for you.

How much does hybrid mail cost?

With no setup fee, no contract, no minimum or maximum spend, with our hybrid mail service you only pay for what you send.

The graphics show a breakdown of sending one A4 letter with us, in comparison to producing this in-house.
Or why not check out our full price list here.

Yes, that’s right - we do all of the printing and posting, cheaper than the cost of a stamp.

Sending a letter in house


How do we do that? Well your organisation can benefit from our bulk buying power on paper and envelopes, and as a key partner of Royal Mail, we have sortation equipment for the millions of letters we send each month, allowing you to get the benefit of huge postal discounts.

If you do have large volumes to send, talk to one of our hybrid experts about our discounted rates.


What kind of documents can you send through hybrid mail?

With Docmail, there is endless document variety. Our solution, allows you to send documents in the following formats:

  • A4 Letter (single or double sided)
  • A5 Postcard
  • A3 Folded sheet (newsletter)
  • Greeting cards

Hybrid mail really does offer flexibility for all your postal requirements. But our hybrid mail solution doesn’t stop there.

You can also include pre-printed or printed on-demand inserts in any enclosed physical mailings, adding that extra value to the communications you send.

Hybrid mail postal options

With our hybrid mail solution, you can send your mailings in a choice of envelopes and postal tariffs. From C5 (A5) or C4 (A4) windowed envelopes, to C5 non-windowed or overprinted envelopes (which you can personalised with 2 straplines and logos) to first- and second-class delivery, we will ensure your mailings get to the right person, in your required format, in the most cost-effective way.

Hybrid mail more than just post?

We believe in delivering the right blend of communications to successfully engage with your audiences, and we know sometimes this is more than just post.

With our digital delivery option and our SMS integration, you can engage with your audiences in a way that suits them best. Whether this is a letter followed up by a digital document or text or a digital document followed up by a letter and text, we can offer you a blend of communications that works with you and your audience.

Hybrid mail for hybrid working

Flexibility is at the heart of hybrid mail and that goes beyond the communications you can send. With secure online access, our hybrid mail solution is accessible from any working location with internet access.

Our market-leading technology changes the way businesses are communicating and now is supporting the changing way we all work. It’s more than streamlining your communication processes, it’s all about streamlining your working process too. Hybrid mail is your very own print and post room, for all your working locations.

Is hybrid mail secure?

We believe in offering you the very best hybrid mail service, delivered through industry-leading technology so that your mailings hit the mark and your customer data is protected at all times.

We are GDPR compliant and have supporting certifications, including ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 to ensure your communications are produced in the best and most secure way possible. We even have industry-specific certifications, so that you know you are using the very best solution for your industry. As a company we are proud of our accreditations and what they stand for.

Is hybrid mail environmentally friendly?

As a company we hold accreditations from both the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). We are also BSI ISO 14001:2004 accredited and are members of Two Sides, helping spread the positive word on using paper.

We are passionate about reducing our impact on the environment and offering our customers the most sustainable solutions, and that’s the same with Docmail hybrid mail. The sustainable benefits we offer you, we want you to be able to pass on to your audiences.

Not the hybrid mail you were thinking of?

As experts in all thing’s hybrid, we know that the term hybrid mail can mean different things to different organisations. So, if this isn’t the type of hybrid mail you are looking for, and you would like to be looked after in a more contractual way and have a dedicated account manager, then we would be really pleased to help you. Take a look at our managed service communication offering here.

Want to know more about Docmail hybrid mail?

Docmail hybrid mail is the perfect business solution for sending print and post online. Of course, you are thinking we will say that, but we know we are the most advanced and secure solution on the market and can help your business, like the other 30,000 we work with, streamlining their communications.

Our hybrid mail support team and onboarding specialists are ready when you are. We can arrange a free of charge demonstration, support with the set up for you and your colleagues, or just have a chat with our friendly team to see if our hybrid solution is right for you.

Don’t worry, you will be in the driving seat, we are just here to help you along the way.

Speak to the hybrid mail experts

Whether you’re ready to get started or need practical advice, get in touch - we’re here to help.