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Jun 06 2024

A Guide To Print and Post Services

By Joe Moon, Content & Social Media Executive

An easy-to-use and affordable alternative to manually posting letters or using a franking machine, print and post solutions have reinvented the way in which organisations manage their mail communications.  

Our process is simple to adopt regardless of your industry or the size of your business, while accessible software even means that the printing, enclosing and posting of all your important documents can be overseen at the click of a mouse. Read ahead and discover the genuine benefits of print and post from CFH, as well as how it works, and the sectors in which it can be utilised.  

What Is Print and Post? 

Print and post allows you to send letters, postcards and sheets directly from your device, at scale or simply whenever you require. The modern way of communicating with clients or customers, our Docmail solution is a streamlined alternative to traditional mail communication methods, allowing for a consistent output of printed and personalised documents. 

When used together, SMS and printed channels have the ability to generate powerful results, however posted documents are a popular and efficient option to use on their own within almost all sectors - with physical mail recognised as readable, direct and highly trusted. Adopting print and post, organisations can expect time savings, financial benefits, as well as a seamless transition - as Docmail can work alongside your existing processes. 

Why Choose Us?  

  • Instant Support: A dedicated support team to assist with any queries or issues. 
  • A Streamlined Service: Time saved on printing, enclosing and making unnecessary post office trips.  
  • Document Personalisation: Complete personalisation to your documents, allowing you to connect with your audience. 
  • Compliance And Security: Comprehensive GDPR compliance and guaranteed document security.
  • Immediate Insights: Accessible real-time insights and reports, providing crucial detail. 
  • Complete Control: Overall control of your mailings, any time, any place. 

How Does Print and Post Work? 

Print and post could hardly be simpler to learn. Upon creating and uploading your documents, the easy-to-use system allows users to attach corresponding audience data alongside personalised tags for truly bespoke documents.  

Selecting from delivery and print options including colour, postage details and mail class, users can further adjust their required print output before submitting an order at any time. These selections are then securely sent to a factory, where they are printed, enclosed and mailed individually, within the timeframe specified in the order. 

Options for your print and post output can include: 

  • A4 Letters: Fantastic for formal communications, from appointment reminders to compliance documents. 
  • A5 Postcards: Suitable for event promotion, business communications and much more. 
  • A3 Folded Sheets: Brilliant for booklets, promotional materials and informational resources. 
  • Greeting Cards: High-quality cards for each and every occasion. 

Your Personal Print and Post Factory 

Ultimately, the best way to describe our print and post solution is as a personal print factory at your fingertips, accessible from your device immediately, whenever you require it. Our industry-leading print and post service is already relied upon by well over 30,000 businesses within the public, private and third sectors.  

Better yet, from the website portal and innovative Docmail print driver, to our advanced API offering, there’s absolutely no cost for using the software. With no management fee or minimum spend, you simply pay for what you send, when you send it! 

Interested in trying it for yourself? Find out more about Docmail hybrid mail or reach out to find out how we can support your specific communication requirements. 

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