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Feb 19 2024

Utilising Frameworks to Leverage the Best Hybrid Communication Suppliers

By Nicki Newburn, Senior Business Development Manager

Local Government organisations are continuously reviewing their services and processes, to ensure complete optimisation so that they can pass positive benefits to their residents from improved outcomes.

As a part of this local government organisations are utilising frameworks to source suppliers who are pre-approved, experienced and understand the market’s changing requirements.  These frameworks provide local government the opportunity to find suppliers that meet their requirements and offer the very best solutions.


Frameworks not only help find suppliers you can trust and have proven experience, but who also meet accreditation and security requirements. These approved suppliers come with a wealth of experience and expertise in delivering the solutions you are looking for. 

Frameworks take care of the initial scoping process because they run a pre-approval process to verify the suppliers on their framework are capable of safely, efficiently, and effectively delivering services on their client’s behalf.

These suppliers have provided evidence that they have the experience, accreditations, and insurances to deliver particular services. This safeguards integrity and mitigates risks when choosing the right supplier.

By going through a framework, organisations have transparent information about the supplier’s processes.

The suppliers on these frameworks are often the best in class in supporting clients in achieving their goals and objectives.


When choosing a provider through a framework, consider the integrations they offer, the communication channels available, and any additional extras needed. Additionally, look at their supporting accreditations, data handling processes, account management processes, and service teams, who become an extension of your organisation.

Framework suppliers often become much more than just a supplier they become a real partner who can support the continued changing requirements of your market, inform and provide best practice and offer insight into the market shape.

When considering a supplier on a framework, price is only one consideration, a real partner will offer additional benefits.  Think about how you can work together, what else they can do for you and the additional support they are able to offer as your partnership develops and grows.


Crown Commercial Service supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services.

The framework recently named suppliers for their new Postal Services and Solution framework [RM6280], which replaces the current RM6017 framework.  Only 20 suppliers have been named on lot 6 (Hybrid Mail, Digital And Transformational Communications. This lot caters for buyers looking for pre-approved organisations who are able to offer a range of services, including omnichannel and hybrid mail, incorporating inbound communications.


Also known as hybrid communications, the hybrid mail, digital and transformation communication lots pre-approves suppliers who offer a way of optimising processes whilst reducing costs.  This lot provides the opportunity to make a real difference to organisations, both internally and externally.

The lot encompasses all outbound and inbound communications, both digital and print.

It brings communication services together and allows buyers to put processes in place that work across their organisation, under a secure procurement framework, to offer a wider scope for organisations to reach people in meaningful ways that drive positive connections.

To discover more about this process download CFH’s Public Sector Guide to Hybrid Communications here.

When these communications are managed by a professional provider with accredited experience, they become the perfect blend of media channels which engage with audiences in a clear, concise, and effective way to drive the desired results.

A managed hybrid communications service gives organisations the advantage of both expertise and an approach tailored to their goals.

The right supplier will work with you as a trusted partner to understand these requirements and will be named on frameworks as an approved supplier, which guarantees they can supply these services effectively.

You’ll find organisations like CFH on frameworks including those from CCS, G-Cloud and NHS SBS offering these services.  This means you can optimise your communication processes and partner with an approved supplier. CFH already work with local government organisations to help drive response and engage in an effective, secure way whilst keeping costs down.

Find out more about CFH and how they are providing accessible communications, visit our public sector communications page.

First published in Government Open Access.

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