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Apr 23 2024

Supporting 46 councils with election services

By Nicki Newburn, Senior Business Development Manager

As May fast approaches, we have been busy supporting our clients with preparation for the Local, Police and Crime Commissioner, Mayoral and by-elections that are taking place across the country during this period.

This year we have supported over 46 councils in the production and sending of important documents in time for May.  This includes sending over 3.9 million poll cards out to residents to provide information on the upcoming elections taking place in their area.

This work is followed by our teams working around the clock, following the close of nominations on Friday 5th May 2024. This refers to the deadline for submitting nominations for the impending elections.  We anticipate after the closing of nominations we will be producing and dispatching over 5.7 million ballot papers to enable the fulfilment of postal vote packs ready for onsite and online client checking. This is then followed by dispatching 725,000 postal vote packs to residents across the UK.

To put this into perspective our largest client this year has approximately 90,000 postal packs being dispatched to their residents and our smallest client has approximately 8,000 postal packs being dispatched.

CFH producing election documents

Please remember you now require photographic ID to vote. This can include a passport, driving license, a blue badge, a PASS card, biometric resident permit, a Ministry of Defence identity card or a national identity card.

Our work doesn’t stop there, as whilst the May elections get underway we are busy preparing to support our clients in the general election, with the date yet to be confirmed. With a 6 week turnaround from the date the election is called, we have made the necessary preparations including purchasing the range of paper stocks required based on our client requirements, pre-scheduling meetings and keeping up to date on announcements ready for the end of the year.

We would like to extend our appreciation to the teams involved in supporting our clients in the delivery of a successful May elections including our account managers, production teams and sales support as well as the teams who are holding the fort whilst our dedicated teams manage this process.

We look forward to supporting our clients in the build-up to the general election and understand how challenging this period can be but rest assured here at CFH we are ready to support you no matter when the announcement comes.

If you would like to stay up to date with elections here at CFH, sign up for our dedicated electoral newsletter NN News and have everything delivered straight to your mailbox. You can sign up for NN News here.

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