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Apr 30 2024

Client Engagement Session - Universal service changes

By Emma Bicknell, Campaign Manager

On Thursday 18th April, CFH and client representatives joined a meeting with Ofcom to share ideas, suggestions, and feedback for the proposed universal service changes.

The ‘Call for input’ session provided an opportunity for CFH and our clients from both the private and public sectors to discuss their thoughts on the proposed changes and provide suggestions for change, all relevant to the critical mail they send across their industries.

As partners of Royal Mail, CFH felt it was important to provide our customers with a greater understanding of the proposed reform, and to share any thoughts on this potential change, to understand how the proposed changes may have an impact, positive or negative on the documents they send.

This valuable session saw constructive input from financial organisations with FCA regulation requirements, local government with election and billing priorities, and the NHS for patient health and wellbeing letters.

The key topics discussed included:

  • how print and post is used to engage with different audiences
  • how vital print remains in many of the services delivered across the UK
  • how the power of print is relied on to deliver core messages and information
  • how the future trends of print and post will be impacted

The discussion also provided a clearer understanding of the current postal market, what the future Royal Mail service could look like, and why these changes are important for the sustainability of the service.

The session was insightful, interesting and provided valuable insight from our clients which will collated by Ofcom and help model the future of the universal service.

We’d like to thank our clients who took the time to take part in the session and for the valuable feedback they supplied.


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