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Oct 09 2023

AEA Course Qualification Success

By Emma Bicknell, Campaign Manager

At CFH we work hard to ensure that we have the best knowledge and understanding to help our clients in the different sectors we work within. As a part of this, our employees regularly undertake courses, so they can become our resident experts for all things communication.

We are pleased to announce that Nicki Newburn, Senior Business Development Manager, and Caroline Linton, Elections Manager, have recently passed their renewal course for the AEA Course.

The course helps our experts stay up to date, strengthen their knowledge and broaden their understanding of the elections industry and any changes that take place.

The virtual course took five days to complete and was a good chance to engage with over 32 election experts across the UK and ask any questions about changes going forward.

The course focuses on two goals:

  • providing a sound knowledge base for new entrants in both electoral registration and elections administration
  • preparing AEA members for undertaking the Certificate level of the Association’s Qualification.

It is broken down into 6 Modules:

  • Module Gen1 – covering cross-cutting themes such as data protection, dies non, publicity, and use of school/public rooms.
  • Module ER1 – Electoral Registration Officer and the registration process.
  • Module ER2 – annual canvass, publication and supply of the electoral register, absent voting applications and other registration issues.
  • Module EA1 – Returning Officer, election timetables, nominations and election documents.
  • Module EA2 – agents, postal voting and polling stations.
  • Module EA3 – staffing arrangements, the count and post-count procedures.

Congratulations to Nicki and Caroline, our election experts, on this achievement!

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