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Jun 06 2023

You may have noticed something a little different…

By Jon Marsh, Group Commercial Director

As you are reading this you may have noticed something a little different on our website (or even on this news article!), whereby the CFH brand looks very different.

After many months of hard work, we are pleased to share with you, that CFH has a brand-new look and feel to represent the company we really are today.

Taking you beyond communications

Since 1977, communications have changed dramatically. Today, we all move seamlessly between digital and print, online and off. Through it all, CFH has been a constant, dependable leader, helping clients use the right blend of communications to build lasting relationships with their audiences.

We started as traditional printers and since shifted our products to support new ways of communicating. As technology has changed, we’ve evolved to help our customers keep pace. And we’ll continue to do the same for years to come, delivering a tailored mix of ways to connect with every audience.

That said, we felt like the old brand no longer reflected the company we’ve become and the direction CFH is heading in. We see CFH as a approachable, friendly, innovative company who are leaders in multichannel communications, and our old branding just didn’t reflect this. 

The newly branded CFH offers the same level of service and employee expertise as before, just with a new look and feel that we truly believe represents who we are today.

So what are the main changes to look out for?

Whilst the re-brand will see many new exciting changes, the main ones you‘ll notice at the start of this journey include:

  • A brand new logo – our logo has been updated! We’ve dropped the ‘Docmail’ and are leading from the front with ‘CFH’. You’ll see this featured next to our new signature speech marks that represent all things communication
  • New imagery – you’ll see that our new branding style is fun with a clever mix of both images and icons to bring to life our expertise and solutions
  • We’ve updated our brand colours – to help bring the brand to life, we have 6 new vibrant colours. Our primary colours are blue, orange and pink that were chosen to represent trust, inclusivity, and innovation. These colours are supported by our secondary colours purple, green and yellow to help highlight design elements and important information
  • We’ve grown our solution portfolio – as we evolve our customer requirements evolve too and to ensure we continuously meet these we need to develop new and exciting solutions. As a part of the re-brand, we have launched two new products ‘CFH Transform’ and ‘CFH Inbound’, that sit alongside our other solutions in helping our customers achieve their goals.
  • CFH PRINT.UK.COM – PRINT.UK.COM will now come under CFH as CFH PRINT UK, with dual branding and naming conventions. This is to help illustrate the strength of the CFH family, the contingency we offer, the services we provide and provide clarification that we are one company
  • New website – of course, we can’t re-brand without having a new website (that we hope you love and take time to explore after reading this article) that will be at the forefront of our marketing and service promotions, helping inform our customers, prospects and even our employees.

Of course, these changes are not the only things you’ll have noticed with new email signatures, business cards and event materials all in use. And look out for more in the coming months, as we continue rolling out our new exciting brand.

What it means for our customers

At CFH we see the re-brand as the next positive step in ensuring we continuously offer the very best service and solutions to you, so that you can continue making meaningful connections when it matters most because at CFH we take you beyond communications.

We’ll still be delivering:

  • An impeccable service
  • Market expertise
  • Industry-leading solutions
  • Innovation taking you where you need to be
  • Support in achieving those all-important communication outcomes
  • A passionate service from our professional employees
  • A responsible and sustainable way of communicating with your audiences

We will remain ambitious, market leaders, successful solutions providers and drive real results for you when it matters. We will go beyond communications every time.


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