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Jun 06 2022

10 Things You Didn’t Know About CFH Docmail

By Courtney-Jade Mather, Marketing and Events Co-ordinator

CFH Docmail was founded in 1977 and has since grown rapidly from being a small family run business to having over 250 employees. Our head office and production sites are situated in Radstock near Bath, and we also have two further production sites in Livingston near Edinburgh and Windsor near London, so we are always close by.

For a company that’s been around for over 40 years, we have some interesting facts up our sleeves. From exciting things we’ve done as a company to facts about our site’s locations and things we’ve participated in, we thought we’d provide you with some insight into our business and the journey it’s been on for the past 4 decades.

All about CFH


We’ve been creating worthwhile communications since 1977. Our company was initially called Continu-Forms Holdings, which was later abbreviated and changed to CFH Docmail in October 2013. Since our formation communications have changed dramatically. We started as traditional printers. We shifted our products to support new ways of communicating. As technology has changed, we’ve evolved to help our customers keep pace. Today CFH is a trusted leader in multichannel communications, helping every customer make meaningful connections with their customers and contacts.


Our Radstock site has changed a lot in the last 100 years! It was initially used in relation to coal mining, which then changed into a Clarks shoe factory, finally becoming the head office of CFH in 1997.


Built in the year 2000, the modern CFH factory in Scotland was developed in 2003 into the specialised and secure print facility it is today.


Our Windsor and Radstock sites are involved in the printing of aeroplane maps. The printing is done in Radstock and then Windsor then make up the packs for the aircraft. These maps are a backup for the electronic navigation on planes - if that fails, they can look at the printed map we’ve produced, which are updated every 2 weeks.


We have carried out mailings for important medical research projects, including the Summit study. The study’s main aim is to look for early detection of cancer, with some of the key investors of this project including Amazon, Bill Gates Foundation and some of the largest pharma’s in the world.

Since 2011, we have sent out over 9 million letters on behalf of over 300 medical research projects.


We carry out research, working alongside the University of The West of England. Our white papers have been published nationally and share best practice policies on how companies can reduce their carbon footprint while delivering savings straight to their bottom line.


Many moons ago, we had a branded hot air balloon that we took customers up in at the Bristol balloon fiesta. The balloon came included in the purchase of the brand name ‘Toplist’ in 1991/1992, which went on to become the most successful brand of Listing paper in the UK. It was decommissioned in 1998 when the Toplist brand was sold to another company.


We are keen to invest in our staff and grow and recognise how important this is for both personal and work progression. Over the years we’ve had several apprentices join us, offering staff members the chance to earn relevant qualifications in their field and offering specialist training to those in the factory.


Giving back is something that is important to us as a company. Since we began operating in 1977, we’ve been involved in various charity initiatives to raise money. Some of the most recent charity events include cake sales for Dorothy House and Macmillan Coffee Mornings, staff running the Bath Half Marathon, wearing Christmas jumpers for Save The Children, donating prizes to charity raffles and many more.

We are also a part of the Payroll Giving initiative which gives our employees the chance to donate any amount they like to a charity of their choice, directly from their pay cheques. In 2021, our employees donated over £4000, to over 50 charities, through Payroll giving


We have worked with councils to support the sending of their important communications for many years. In 2022 alone we worked with 55 councils for annual billing, delivering their important communications.

Bonus fact: We can help your business!

As you can see, CFH Docmail has quite a history behind it. From our earliest days as traditional printers, we’ve worked extremely hard to become an accredited trusted leader for communications on every channel. Print, online, mail – wherever you need to be, we’ll get you there quickly, effectively and impactfully. So you can communicate with confidence, create meaningful connections and spend more time on what you do best.

To find out how we can help transform your communications with a bespoke range of our solutions, visit our digital transformation page.

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