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May 29 2024

The Benefits Of Print And Post Services For An SME

By Joe Moon, Content & Social Media Executive

Whether you’re tasked with mailing a large number of customers nationwide, or the requirements of your SME mean that you need to send out highly targeted, personalised communications, print and post remains an effective communication tool to achieve just this.

Suitable for different demographics and incredibly easy to use, there are many online print and post solutions that can be utilised to meet your needs. From health and education to financial services or construction, find out how having this print factory at your fingertips could prove beneficial.

Print And Post For Your SME

How To Send Print And Post Online

Allowing you to send documents, letters, postcards and everything in-between directly from your computer or device, online print and post solutions are the modern way of communicating with clients, customers and other stakeholders. If you already send personalised physical letters out in the post, or use a franking machine to assist with postal communications, online print and post solutions (also known as hybrid mail solutions) are a streamlined alternative.

Following the creation and upload of your documents, print and post allows you to attach corresponding audience data alongside personalised tags. Choosing from a number of print and delivery options, be it colour, postage details or mail class, you can then review the real-time cost of your mailing, before submitting an order, be it for several documents, or a large batch.

Assorted Benefits

If you’re involved in the running of an SME in any capacity, you already know that staff time is valuable, and every second matters. Online print and post solutions ensure you never have to spend time loading envelopes or making multiple trips to the post office – with the entire process overseen online and from the comfort of your desk. Cost savings are considered too, as hybrid mail removes the requirement for in-house resources and extra staff effort when creating postal mailings.

The data protection landscape is a complex area to navigate for small and medium-sized businesses, so security is likely also at the front of your mind - especially when dealing with personal details and the information of customers. The very best print and post providers are industry-compliant as standard, with orders encrypted within a reliable online system, sent to be printed, enclosed, and sorted at a secure production facility.

Who Should I Trust As My Print And Post Provider?

In the UK in 2024, over 5 and a half million businesses are classified as either small or medium-sized enterprises - therefore whichever industry you operate in, gaining the edge against your many competitors is incredibly important. The way in which you communicate is one such factor which can set you apart from rivals, be it composing formal emails, creating vibrant social posts, sending physical mail or utilising SMS. Posted documents are a popular and efficient measure within almost all sectors, remaining readable, direct and highly trusted.

The ideal candidate for handling your print and post output will likely provide a dedicated support service and possess a stellar reputation among existing SME customers. CFH tick these boxes with our Docmail service – and then some. Already relied upon by well over 30,000 organisations, and committed to improving the way SMEs communicate, our adaptable system can be utilised and managed in whichever way you require.

Since launching in 2008, Docmail has gone from strength to strength, growing from a simple hybrid mail offering, and scaling to where we are today, as an industry-leading offering. Keen to learn more about how print and post solutions can benefit your SME? Explore our dedicated Solution page.

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