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Apr 19 2024

Docmail 2024: Another Successful Year

By Kelli Chapman, Product Customer Support Manager Docmail

Over the last financial year, our business has reached remarkable milestones, marked by the successful introduction of new products and services and the strategic expansion into key markets. We've dedicated considerable effort to meet the communication needs of these markets, and this has been reflected in the incredible results achieved.

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At the very heart of our accomplishments is our flagship product, Docmail. Since its inception in 2008, the innovative hybrid mail solution has consistently demonstrated impressive growth, enabling businesses to seamlessly send postal communications from their desktops or PCs directly to their target audiences.

The solution, being the first of its kind, has been instrumental in enhancing engagement, while saving time and money across different sectors, including public, private, and third sectors.

This financial year has been no different, with 2023-2024 being another successful milestone in the story of Docmail. 


Throughout these 12 months, Docmail has seen: 

  • Over 4000 accounts placed an order – that’s enough people to fill Sydney Opera House 5 times
  • Over 500 new accounts come onboard to be a part of its journey– together, that amount of people could fill 10 coaches
  • Nearly 10,000,000 mailings placed – that’s 19 mailings every minute, 365 days a year
  • More than 23,000,000 letters produced and sent on behalf of our clients– that’s more letters than the population of Sri Lanka


As well as new additions to the customer support team, a new customer support manager and a new product manager, the system has also seen some impressive developments. A platform rebuild project was gradually rolled out throughout the end of the year. The development saw positive changes ‘behind the scenes’ of Docmail, where our processes were improved to become faster, more efficient and able to manage increased output as our client base expands. 

The project also saw Docmail have a new additional feature added, where a white space functionality manages the dimensions and formatting of letters on behalf of our clients for an even more seamless mailing process.

This year we anticipate even more exciting developments for Docmail, so keep our eyes peeled! Be sure to stay up to date with our latest news, blogs and case studies by subscribing below.

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