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Jan 13 2023

5 Ways To Use Outsourced Hybrid Mailings To Boost Customer Communications

By Emma Bicknell, Campaign Manager

Outsourcing communications is now considered the ‘norm’ for many public and private sector organisations. Not only does it streamline communication processes whilst yielding great benefits for the organisation, but it helps boost customer communications, engagement, and response.

But outsourcing communication requirements can mean different things to different organisations, let alone the different types of products and services that are on the market to facilitate this requirement.

Many organisations are utilising hybrid mail communication software as their chosen outsourced solution, as it not only meets their communication requirements but provides a wide range of additional features that can enhance the communications they send.

Communications are no longer just communications, they are hybrid.

What is hybrid mail software?

Hybrid mail is the smarter way to communicate with audiences. It takes the traditional method of sending print and post and transforms this by moving the process online. It’s designed to help businesses send effective communications directly from their PC or desktop by processing mailings through an online portal or virtual printer.

The process streamlines the communication process and provides businesses with a range of great benefits, as you’ll see below.

How to use hybrid mail to boost customer communications

Hybrid mail software not only improves the process of sending physical communications but enables organisations to optimise their communications in a variety of ways.

Here are five ways hybrid mail can boost customer communications and drive those all-important response rates.

1. Manage both single and bulk mailings

Hybrid mail manages all organisational communication requirements. From single or bulk communications, everything can be processed and managed in one secure place. It’s like having your very own print and mail factory at your fingertips, ready to process any customer communications you need.

2. Get organised

Utilising hybrid mail enables organisations to get organised. With the ability to pre-plan mailings, hybrid mail software helps boost customer communications with the ability to create and develop a communication strategy that is implemented online. This not only helps plan communication resources for the next 28 days so that organisations know their communications are being sent but, enables evaluation of the success of their delivery so that changes can be implemented to enable businesses to succeed whilst increasing audience engagement.

3. Personalise, personalise, personalise

Outsourcing hybrid mailings enables organisations to personalise their communication as little or as much as they want, all at once. Organisations no longer personalise each document for the recipient, as with hybrid mail you can use what is known as ‘merge tags’ to add personalisation to the document. Merge tags align with your database and pulls through the personalisation where required (such as a name). This not only adds value to the document you are sending by speaking directly to the audience but helps increase customer engagement and response rates.

4. Get creative with your envelopes

Hybrid mail offers that extra personalisation beyond the document. Hybrid mail software allows you to get creative and personal as you talk to the audience from the moment it lands on their doormat. From logos, straplines and your own return address, your envelopes can increase the effectiveness of your mailings.

5. Try something new

Boosting the effectiveness of customer communications ultimately starts with trying something new. Finding new ways to engage with your audience helps build connections and achieve the results you require. Hybrid mail offers flexibility in the documents you send, not only the type of document but how you send it, with many hybrid mail suppliers offering digital routes to your audience. This not only changes how organisations engage, but how audiences receive information, process this, and act upon it.

By utilising hybrid mail to boost customer engagement, you are in turn improving those additional elements that companies work towards achieving. From decreased cost savings to increased ROI, effective engagement with your audience all stems from effective communications.

There are so many ways hybrid mail can support business communications and drive successful engagement, why not get in touch with us today to find out how it can support you, your business requirements and the achievement of those all-important goals?

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