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Jul 03 2023

Say hello to the new Docmail Help Centre

By George Gardiner, Customer Product Support Manager

Supporting our clients is at the heart of what we do. Our ethos is centered around making things easier for our customers, by offering alternatives to traditional communication methods and the problems they induce.

As an extension to this, no matter the product or solution that we offer, we have a range of support available to ensure our customers always have a seamless experience with us.

We are continually evolving our support offering, ensuring that our customers’ needs are consistently met as they change over time. As a result, we’ve added to our Docmail hybrid mail support and are pleased to share that our brand-new Help Centre is live!


As a part of the CFH rebrand you’ll now find a new Docmail Help Centre that is there to help answer any questions about our hybrid mail solution.

Within the Help Centre there are over 100 articles designed to help users get the most out of their Docmail account by answering frequently asked questions, such as discounts to order errors.

It also covers the whole mailing process, from getting started to questions about the website or print driver and all the way through to delivery.

Our hybrid mail professionals have carefully crafted the Centre, which aims to work as a self-service solution, alongside our customer support team.

Why not visit the Help Centre and take a look?


As always, our customer support team are available Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 5.30pm to help answer any questions or queries.

They can be reached via email at or on 01761 409701, as we know sometimes it’s easier to speak to a real person!

Additionally, we offer free, online training on how to use the Docmail system and our extension, the print driver. This can be done individually or in teams so that users can learn to utilise the system for their requirements. We also offer refresher training for current users to learn about new features and how the system can continue supporting them in the sending of their important communications.

To arrange this, please contact the support team on the information above.

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