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Oct 25 2023

Your Guide to Hybrid Mail – How It Works

By Courtney-Jade Mather, Marketing and Events Co-ordinator

The past few years have brought the term ‘hybrid’ to the forefront of our lives, with hybrid working and hybrid cars being the new normal. Another ‘hybrid’ you may recognise is hybrid mail, which has made its place revolutionising the way communications are produced and delivered.

Numerous businesses, spanning various sectors, have embraced the advantages of hybrid mail for their communication needs. Notably, an impressive 75% of medical practices throughout the UK have used CFH's hybrid mail solution, Docmail, since its launch in 2008.

It's possible that your own business has, already does or plans to use hybrid mail in the future. However, not everyone is acquainted with what it is or how it works, so we’re here to guide you through it.


Hybrid mail solutions are a digital offering that enables businesses to effortlessly send personalised printed communications to their customers. At the click of a button A4 letters, A3 newsletters, A5 postcards and greetings cards can be sent without having to leave your desk.

These solutions provide a quick and streamlined online method for the creation, management, and sending of mail, enhancing a business’s operational efficiency.

By utilising hybrid mail solutions, businesses can drive innovation, all while benefiting from the ease of adoption, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.


Navigating the hybrid mail process is a straightforward and user-friendly experience. Let's break it down step by step...

  1. Create your document - for example, create your letter template in Microsoft Word with everything you need to send to your audience

  2. Prepare your data list – you can have multiple recipients in one file, with merge fields to ensure data is pulled into the right area of your letter

  3. Open the hybrid mail solution – and start a new order. You can even give your mailing a name reference for future reports

  4. Choose your postage method – economy, standard or first class. Some hybrid mail systems even offer digital delivery

  5. Upload your documents to the hybrid mail system – including your letter and data file

  6. Validate the addresses against the Royal Mail database – to ensure optimal delivery

  7. Choose your print options – black and white or colour, single-sided or double sided

  8. Proof your document – see exactly how it’ll be printed

  9. Hit submit order - the hybrid mail provider manages the rest

With some steps taking seconds to complete, users are able to send letters to one or thousands of recipients in just minutes.


One of the primary advantages of hybrid mail lies in its seamless operation. Users simply click 'send,' and the hybrid mail provider takes care of the rest of the process. But what does this entail?

Here’s what happens behind the scenes to produce your printed mailing:

  • A production reference (Pref) is created that contains your order details. This includes the full breakdown of your requirements including the printing options selected, envelope choice and delivery method

  • The Pref indicates to the operators that a job is ready, where they can then direct the job to the correct machine to be printed. The machine then prints the order at speed, to the highest quality

  • Once printed, there’s a dual sign-off quality check to ensure that the output is correct and meets the required printing standards

  • Documents are then enclosed into an envelope using the enclosing machine - this is done using a similar process, where it’s scheduled on the correct machine via the Pref

  • The enclosed mailings are then sorted depending on their postal options and scheduled to be posted. Leading hybrid suppliers offer Down Stream Access functionality to streamline this element for their delivery partners

  • The sorted mailings are collected by a delivery partner to be posted to your audiences

Take a look at our reel for a behind the scenes sneak peek.


Hybrid mail has reshaped the way we interact with our clients while also improving business efficiencies. The benefits include:

  • Time Saving: no need to print documents, stuff envelopes and take to the post office

  • Save money: hybrid mail prices are often less than a stamp

  • Improve engagement: send personalised communications at the right time, to drive the best response

  • Reduced data breaches: by using a trusted, secure, accredited provider

  • Integration: hybrid mail solutions can integrate with existing software and solutions for ease

  • Instant implementation: sign up and start sending today

  • Send from any location: as long as you have an internet connection and computer, you can send from anywhere

  • Outsource mail: gain office space back as you no longer need a mail room or franking machine

  • Remove the need to buy resources: including paper, stamps and envelopes


Why not join one of the thousands of businesses benefitting from hybrid mail?

Since 2008, Docmail hybrid mail has been helping businesses communicate effectively. For over a decade, our leading hybrid mail solution has been enhancing communications that deliver results. Whether you’re looking to cut costs, save valuable time, be supported by a trusted supplier, ensure security and compliance or start your digital transformation journey.

Find out more about Docmail or get in touch.

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