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Docmail customer service survey 2022

Michael Lydford

27th May 2022

In April 2022, we sent out our annual customer satisfaction survey to our Docmail customers, which consists of questions asking how customers feel about the service they receive from our support team. We had an influx of responses over the 4 weeks that it was open, and would to thank everyone who took the time to complete it.

The survey gives us a valuable insight into how Docmail works for our customers and their businesses, providing an understanding of everything we are doing well and where we can offer any improvements to our customer experience and product.

What Docmail means to our customers

It was brilliant to see so many positive comments about Docmail as a product and the support we provide when you need it.

The answers were compiled and analysed and an overall trend was clear – Docmail allows our customers to succeed in their work by providing an easy to use, cost-effective and time-efficient way of sending mailings to their different audiences.

The support received by our customers, if and when they need a helping hand, is also valued, with our small team rated excellently for our product knowledge, speed of resolution and our friendly, ‘can-do’ attitude. The support team act as an extension to our client’s organisations and they are there to add to the customer experience you receive when choosing to partner with Docmail.

The results

We’d like to share with you a deeper look at some of your responses to how Docmail is seen from our customer’s point of view.

The team

Starting with the support team - 100% of respondents said they found our team friendly, helpful and able to resolve their queries. Many said they appreciated our efficiency and speed in getting the issue resolved, especially as many businesses were on tight timescales to complete their mailings.

93% of people rated our support service 4 or 5 stars (out of 5), which we are delighted with.

Docmail Hybrid Mail

One recipient commented “It’s so great you still have telephone support when I need it! Please don’t replace it with live chat!” – Fear not, we will not do this – our telephone support and the ability to chat with a real person who understands Docmail will always be something we offer.

Live Chat is something we are looking to roll out soon as another way of getting in contact with us, not to replace the telephones. 65% of responses said they would be ‘likely or very likely’ to use live chat (with a real person, not a bot!) in the future, so this is very much something we’d like to explore.

Docmail Hybrid Mail

I have not found anything more usable or cost-effective than Docmail

Hybrid communications

Docmail as a communication tool

In using Docmail as the preferred communication tool, respondents replied that they appreciated the user experience and remote, online nature of the service, whilst reducing the need for printer maintenance and supplies such as paper, toner, envelopes and stamps.

95.5% of people said they would recommend Docmail to others, with many leaving comments that they have in fact recommended it to others already. 

What does the future hold?

Regarding ways to improve, many said to just keep doing as we’re doing, which we of course will ensure we do! There were a couple of references and suggestions relating to specific design or overall user experience wishes, which we will take onboard and work with our developers for future revisions. So, watch this space!

We’d like to thank those who participated again for your input and remind you that you can let us know feedback or suggestions on how we can improve, anytime, by contacting us at or 01761 409701.

Alternatively, if you’ve had a positive experience with Docmail and want to rave about the product and our customer support team’s service, we’d also welcome Trustpilot reviews. To do so, all you need to do is visit our Trust Pilot page HERE where you will be able to select ‘write a review’. 

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