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Dec 09 2021

Customer Support at CFH

By Courtney-Jade Mather, Marketing and Events Co-ordinator

Providing Customer Support here at CFH is all about people. The relationships that we’ve built between our product support team and our clients. The internal systems and calls we have across the many different departments required to keep Docmail operations running smoothly. Most importantly it is the communications we facilitate by putting our customers in touch with the recipient using our hybrid mail or e-delivery service, whatever that content may be.

As a Customer Support Team looking after the Docmail, Dotpost and Docbox products, we consider ourselves experts in the way we respond, resolve and learn from any issues raised. We are a small team looking after a large number of account holders, which often brings up new opportunities for relationships, onboarding & training and technologically innovative solutions to learn and grow.

Keeping up to date in a fast-changing and evolving industry isn’t easy. We have people, technology and processes in place to ensure our products run as smoothly as possible with little to no downtime. It’s a fast-moving service where it is vital to ensure that issues are quickly resolved by our knowledgeable team, fed back into learning and added to our internal knowledgebase for the future.

To prepare for writing this, we asked each other “Regardless of who, what does good customer support mean to us?” Our answers were strikingly similar; a testament to our industry experience and supportive approach to looking after the development of our team members.

We said that the most important aspects when providing support are:

  • Friendly and approachable members of staff

  • Polite and happy with a willingness to help

  • Happy, cheerful and helpful team

  • Approach with a positive manner

  • Meeting customer needs and sorting out their issues in a timely fashion

Another question we put to ourselves was “What do we do well at CFH Docmail customer support?”

The key answers from our team members were:

  • We provide quick responses. We keep the customer up to date on the progress of things that maybe aren’t so straightforward. We have a polite telephone manner and always get back to customers where appropriate. We ask each other questions which allow us to support the customer in the best way possible.

  • We achieve good customer satisfaction, the majority of customers are always satisfied and happy with the service they have received and often leave some positive feedback.

  • We get to the bottom of their issue and resolve their problems as and when they inform us. We aim to do this as quickly as possible to save the customer from having to wait and prolong their issue.

We aim to practice these core attributes.

  • We value your time in using our service

  • We will be experts in our products, and efficient throughout your contact with us

  • We are not robots or A.I. We will provide a human service

We pride ourselves in our friendly phone & email manner. I think most of us could pick a time or a company from which we’ve received bad service. And you probably told people. Things can go wrong or you may have a query or problem using pretty much any product or service. But when it does, at CFH we want to provide a level of support that you weren’t expecting. Support that helps you quickly, efficiently and perhaps makes your day just that little bit easier.

A level of service that will make you tell people about it in a positive way - that’s what we aim to achieve.

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