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11 things you didn’t know about Docmail hybrid mail

Robert Weeks and Emma Workman

24th March 2022

With the aim of simplifying communications and eliminating the hassle of in-house production, businesses of every shape and size use hybrid mail. What individual businesses need varies widely – and that’s why there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

There are many different hybrid mail solutions you can use to send your communications. Each has its own unique strengths. So what makes Docmail hybrid mail stand out?

The first of its kind in 2008, Docmail is a mature option – one of the most advanced on the market today. Our focus on continuous development introduces key new features and backend improvements, all while keeping things simple and easy to use. As a result, our customers get the very best product to send personalised communications when it matters most.

Benefits of Docmail Hybrid Mail

Whether you’re already using Docmail or thinking of trying us out, here are 11 big benefits you can expect.

1. Effortless approvals

With Docmail hybrid mail, you can see exactly how your mailing will look before you proceed with the order. This is known as a mailing proof: an accurate way to spot mistakes, check templates, and get communications signed off before they’re produced in our secure environment.

Uniquely, this approval process can be controlled by the owner of the account or specific departments, teams or individuals. This gives you full control of your mailing process and an approvals process that fits around your workflow.

2. Seamless template control

Your Docmail document library is a place to store documents, then use them to personalise your mailings on the go.

You could use the library to store your:

  • Letterheads
  • Letter backgrounds
  • Additional documents such as pre-printed or printed on demand inserts
  • Envelope designs

When making an order, you can simply pull in these ready-made documents, instead of having to upload them each time. And, as well as saving time, the library minimises document errors and off-brand output. The library can be accessed throughout the mailing process and controlled by any account users.

3. Rich personalisation

Docmail gives you tools for complete personalisation, far beyond a simple name and address. Just use flexible merge tags in any document to customise with:

  • First name, surname and address
  • Order information like value or reference number
  • Dynamic data like dates
  • Customer information like account numbers
hybrid mail complete personalisation

Of course, our expert team can also help you with more unique personalisation requirements. Whatever you need to create more engaging communications that connect with your audiences.

4. Simple insert & booklet enclosing

Powerful mail isn’t always limited to a letter in an envelope or a single postcard mailing. Whatever additional documents you need to send to your audience, Docmail can help.

With Docmail hybrid mail, we offer an insert enclosing option for any mailings that are sent in an envelope.

From leaflets to inserts and booklets, you can include additional documents to be sent direct to your audience. These documents can be printed by CFH and stored in our stockroom, delivered to us from you, or printed on demand whenever an order is fulfilled.

5. Endless envelope variety

We know that every mailing is different – not just documents themselves, but also the envelopes they arrive in. That’s why Docmail gives you a wide range of different envelopes to choose from.

docmail endless envelope varieties

These can include:

  • Windowed or non-windowed: Standard windowed envelopes where the address is shown from the letter, or closed faced envelopes with the address printed on them.
  • A5 or A4 sizes: As standard, your mail will be folded into an A5 sized envelope. But if you want to keep your print flat, we can also provide A4 envelopes (all windowed as standard).
  • Personalised envelopes: Personalise any A5 envelope for complete brand, style and messaging control. Add your straplines, logos and images in pre-set front-facing positions – and help your mail stand out from the crowd.
  • Business reply envelope: You can also include business reply envelopes with a return address so recipients can reply. This is an effective way to encourage engagement.

6. Flexible return management

Printing and dispatching mail is just one part of our great service. Docmail also offers returns management that’s tailored to your needs.

Any mailings that can’t be delivered will be returned to our secure factory, tracked in your Docmail account for audit control, and then securely destroyed. Alternatively, you can manage this process yourself. The return address can be changed to your address, whether that’s for an individual mailing or across your entire account.

7. Advanced user control

We know our customers don’t always have one person who manages their communications. With Docmail, you can add additional users onto the account at no extra cost, giving more people the ability to send communications from the same central system.

unlimited extra hybrid mail users

As standard, your Docmail account comes with one user, but adding more is as simple as speaking to our team. We can add users and manage their access level to suit your requirements and existing processes. So all your mailings are in one place, no matter how big your business is or how many people are involved.

8. Powerful reporting suite

At CFH, we want every business to benefit from better control and visibility over their communications. To achieve this, Docmail includes a full reporting suite with detailed data on the mailings you have sent, including mailing counts, mailing date ranges, mailing costs, user usage and much more.

You can also choose how you engage with your reports, whether that’s live dashboard access or scheduled reports dropped into your inbox.

9. Only pay for what you send

With Docmail, there’s no minimum or maximum quantity and no contract to sign. You simply pay for what you send and nothing more! You can pay at the submit stage via online payment or pre-load credit to your account.

If you send communications on a regular basis, we can also consider monthly invoice on request. We want payment to be simple, like placing a mailing, and ensure it works for you and your organisation.

10. Dependable security

As a mature, well-established solution, Docmail leads in security best practice. We’re certified to standards including ISO 270001, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. Our processes are designed for GDPR compliance and sector specific accreditations. And with our own internal platform for hybrid mail – not a cloud service – we control every part of the security process.

Leaders in hybrid mail security

With a proven track record of reliability and security, your communications are in safe hands.

11. Dedicated support and training team

Docmail as a platform is proven, trusted and comprehensive. But what really makes Docmail stand out is the backing of our supportive, highly experienced team.

We strive to be more than just communications partners: we want to be an extension of your organisation. That’s why we have dedicated support and training teams to provide support, answer questions, set up mailings, and provide training for your users. It’s our way of maximising the value Docmail delivers, not just by giving you a flexible platform, but genuinely guiding you through every step of the way.

Hybrid mail, designed around you

Docmail hybrid mail has been helping businesses communicate since 2008. For well over a decade, we’ve built close relationships with our customers – and constantly evolved Docmail to suit new and emerging needs.

Docmail isn’t just a way to get mailings out the door. It’s a way to truly transform your communications, amplify your reach and get the measurable results you need.

If you’d like to find out more about these benefits, get in touch – one of our experts would be happy to help!

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