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Hybrid Mail

The 5 benefits of hybrid mail: printing and posting online

Emma Workman

23rd September 2021

Hybrid mail is the secure, cost-effective, online digital mail solution that allows users to quickly and efficiently send personalised printed mail from their desktop or laptop computer.

The solution is designed to help businesses manage their communication requirements all within one account, providing ease of use and the perfect tool for both remote and office-based working.

The process encapsulates postal requirements and transforms the way printed communications are managed through an automated mailing process, providing a mailing service from which businesses can only benefit.

But how do organisations really benefit? Here are five reasons why you should be using hybrid mail today...

Hybrid Mail

1. Time efficient

By combining the efficiency that comes with digital technologies and the reduced staff involvement in producing bulk and individual mailings, hybrid mail speeds up the end-to-end process of sending physical mail to one or thousands of end recipients.

With the removal of the traditional in-house mailing process, of purchasing equipment, printing, folding and stuffing envelopes and trips to the post office, whatever the weather, hybrid mail makes all this accessible, instantly and online…with no need to worry if you need an umbrella.

What’s more many hybrid mail services, like Docmail, enables users to store templates, pre-schedule mailings and report on audience engagement so that everything a business needs can be found in one place in regards to their communications.

This increases productivity and efficiencies at both employee and business levels, as the process is automated, easy to use and streamlines the sending of print and mail, whilst providing complete mailing management and reporting functionality.

Hybrid mail really does think of everything, when it comes to saving businesses and employees valuable time, which we all know is hard to come by!

Save money

2. Money saved

There are no hidden costs with hybrid mail. That’s right, what you see, is what you get.

Hybrid mail removes the requirement for in-house resources and the amount of staff time when creating postal mailings. It is typically estimated to produce a letter in-house it costs organisations £1.32+vat (based in 2021), based on the following breakdown:

  • Staff time @ £10 an hour (3 minutes per letter) = 50p
  • Franking machine rental = 1p
  • Franking machine toner = 1p
  • Toner and printing costs = 5p
  • Postage = 65 - 76p
  • Stationery = 5p
  • Envelope = 5p

  • In-house letter total = £1.32

    Docmail hybrid mail starts at just 54p

But with hybrid mail, the cost is consolidated, so a quick saving is made through the one-off cost offered by the hybrid mail supplier.

For example, Docmail hybrid mail pricing starts from 0.54p per black and white letter sent second class.

That’s a total of a 59% saving on each document sent, when you compare the online mailing service to traditional business mail methods. This is not only from the savings made from resources and staff time but also from relationships that hybrid mail suppliers can offer, such as the Royal Mail address validation service, that ensures you are mailing correct, recognised addresses.

The cost is approved before payment, giving the user the ability to control and monitor the exact spend a business is allocating to postal communications, whilst providing complete breakdown of where a budget has been spent and ensuring approved addresses are mailed to.

Safe and secure

3. Secure: reduced data breaches

The very best hybrid mail systems are GDPR compliant, minimises data breaches and works in line with sector accreditations. The online system meets all the requirements you would expect from a trusted partner, orders are encrypted in the system and sent securely to be printed, enclosed and sorted at a secure production facility and handed directly to Royal Mail for delivery.

The hybrid mail team become your second line of support acting as a spot check for data errors that may occur.

Many hybrid mail services, like Docmail, also offer the option for returned mail to be managed by the print provider and securely destroyed or you can be sent directly to you, for data cleansing purposes. This offering means that you can rest assured your letters are always in the right hands or the hands of experts.

Hybrid mail for a hybrid workforce

4. All your working locations

With secure online access, hybrid mail solutions offer complete flexibility when producing print and mail wherever you find yourself working. Hybrid mail supports both remote, agile, office-based and hybrid workers, providing all sized businesses with the perfect tool to manage and send communications without delays.

With remote and agile working very much a thing of the present, hybrid mail is being adopted into businesses to ensure that employees have the tools they require to engage effectively with their clients, drive sales and increase business engagement and awareness, no matter their working location.

Environmentally focused

5. Environmentally friendly

Hybrid mail is an environmentally friendly alternative to communicating with end audiences that ensures the minimum amount of resources are used to drive maximum results. This is as it removes the requirement for businesses to purchase resources to produce communications, therefore there is no wastage incurred from left over ink, paper, envelopes etc. Hybrid mail only uses the resources required.

What’s more, many hybrid mail suppliers use FSC paper and power a percentage of their factory with solar panels, like CFH Docmail, to ensure their environmental initiatives are passed onto their customers, like you.

By allowing an expert company to manage your business communications, with the use of hybrid mail you are streamlining your communication efforts for both bulk mailings and individual touch points that feeds into your bottom-line targets of working with and being an environmentally focused company.

This is only five core benefits to why so many businesses are opting to use hybrid mail as a communication tool, to drive awareness and improve their business process.

If you would like to find out more on hybrid mail visit here or get in touch with one of hybrid mail experts below, who will be happy to discuss how Docmail hybrid mail can help improve your business from day one.

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