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Feb 23 2022

Medical Practices: Using The Hybrid Mail Print Driver

By Serena Schofield, Business Development Manager

As patient expectations continuously evolve, practice communication continues to do so, so that you are able to drive patient engagement and responses for your practice. Without these communications, the practice-patient relationship will ultimately break down, making effectively corresponding vital for your surgery.

Effective communications are delivered best through communication technologies. Such technologies provide practices with the ability to communicate with their patients in a way that suits them best, helping practices stay ahead of the communication curve and make meaningful connections.

These patient communications range from letters to text messages to phone calls to email delivery, with varying communication technologies supporting their sending. Some practices even find themselves managing the sending of these communications in-house, though this is not a viable solution, both in regard to time and money. So where do practices begin?

Finding a communication solution you can trust

Finding a solution your practice can count on, may seem like a daunting task. With multiple providers offering different options your practice needs a solution that is reliable, secure and delivers the communications you require when it matters most.

CFH Docmail are experts in this industry and has supported the delivery of successful communications for over 40 years. We’re the trusted leaders for smarter patient communications, developing communication solutions that work with your practice and your internal processes.

Our speciality is printed communications. We know how important these are to your practice and we fully support you in getting this right.

Working closely with over 4,000 medical practices, we understand the unique challenges you face. And we’re ready to help you start sending seamless printed communications instantly, with our Docmail Print Driver.

Hybrid mail with the Docmail Print Driver

The Docmail Print Driver has been designed for medical practices so that you can send meaningful, impactful communications you can count on.

An extension of our Docmail Hybrid Mail website, the Print Driver is a virtual printer that replaces your desktop printer and requirement for in-house resources, allowing practices to send printed letters straight from their desktop or clinical system.

The process is easy to complete, cost-effective and saves valuable time in the sending of your important documents.

But what makes the Docmail Print Driver stand out from other hybrid suppliers?

The Docmail Print Driver: The Benefits

Merge mode

  • Merge mode allows users to combine multiple letters into one file, so that they can be printed at once, directly through the Print Driver.
  • Merge Mode is useful if you are using a system that creates a new file for each individual letter in your mail merge, or if your system sends smaller batches when completing a mail merge.
  • As opposed to your system creating one letter at a time and you having to do one order at a time, with merge mode, you can combine the letters into one mail merge and do multiple letters in one order, offering huge savings in your valuable time.

Choose and book (ERS)

  • The Print Driver is compatible with your ‘choose and book’ (ERS) process. The system is designed to accept your PDF templates for printing, with the address positioning amendable within the system, so that the choose and book template works every time.
  • This allows you to process and send your choose and book letters, at the time of making the appointment, so that a backlog of printed communications don’t occur.

Flexibility of moving address box

  • When doing an order, the Print Driver will automatically place a square around the address box, where the text will be read by our system so that your address is pulled through for delivery.
  • Sometimes, the box doesn’t go exactly around the text and the text may end up being above or below the box. But that’s no problem! With the Print Driver, you can simply re-draw the box around your address. The system will then pull the information and move the address so that it is in the perfect place.


  • When creating an order on the Print Driver, you will have to input your mailing options. This involves drawing the box around your address, choosing how many pages send to each person and selecting your printing options- black and white or colour, single-sided or double-sided.
  • An example of printing options may include: the address box in the top left, 2 pages going to each patient and the document is printed double-sided and in black and white.
  • At the end of your order, you have the ability to save these printing options as a profile. The system will then automatically input these instructions for you when this profile is pre-selected. This allows you to go straight to the final stage, where you can proof and submit your order, saving you time and making the process even easier.

Clinical system integration

  • The Print Driver was designed with Medical Practices in mind, which is why it has clinical system integration. You can send letters directly from your clinical system over to the Print Driver, where we will then print, enclose and post your important documents.
  • The Print Driver also gives you the ability to save documents in your patient records, in your clinical system, as a point of communication reference for each of your patients.


  • At Docmail, we understand that medical practices often need to send more than letters. Additional information, leaflets and various other inserts may also be required. With the Print Driver, these can all be included in your orders to be sent along with your main letter. You can simply select the additional documents you like and add them to your order.

Dedicated support team

  • Here at CFH, our products are supported by a dedicated support team who are on hand to answer any questions or queries, help with your mailings and provide a personalised training programme for you and your surgery. The team our on-hand Monday-Friday between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm and can be contacted by phone or email.
  • We aim to respond to your query as quickly as possible so that your patient communications never experience delays.

The Docmail Print Driver In Practice: Our Success Stories

"We have been using Docmail for a few months now and it has been a game-changer for how we send letters from the practice. It has saved us money on postage, envelope, paper and ink for the printer. It has also saved us time as we no longer have to send someone out to the post box each day!

The support we have had from Serena has been great. There were a few things we were not doing in the most efficient way when using Docmail, such as sending out ERS referral letters to a patient, but once I contacted Serena she arranged a Teams meeting and talked us through it and set up a profile within the Docmail Print Driver, which now means we can send these letters in a few clicks"

Michelle Gilmour, Deputy Practice Manager, The Sides Medical Centre

Speak to our hybrid mail expert

Does the Docmail Print Driver sound like a communication solution your practice can benefit from? Speak to the team to get started or find out more about our Docmail Print Driver, so that you can begin sending seamless patient communications instantly.

Or do you already use the Docmail website but want to switch to the Print Driver? No problem, you can do this free of charge and using the same login information. Speak to the team for help downloading the Print Driver and to get started.

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